For over 22 years Tek-Scientific (P&K Custom Acrylics) has worked directly with hospitals and laboratories as well as biotech, pharmaceutical and product manufacturers to create tailored displays, covers, boxes and cabinets for their unique and individual needs. We specialize in manufacturing custom laboratory supplies, including radiation shielding, custom glove boxes, supplies needed for electrophoresis and absolutely anything else you could possibly need made from Plexiglas.

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Sturdy Dust cabinets
  • Perfect for your table-top liquid handler and table-top robots
  • Designed to keep dust and contaminates out of your work stations
  • Great for ANY equipment you need to keep in a contaminate-free (NO S) environment

Electrophoresis Supplies

  • Model MHs and Accessories
  • Large Horizontal Systems (LH1–4)
  • Model LH1–4 Accessories
  • System Model ADJ-1, ADJ-2
  • Vertical and Mini-Horizontal Systems
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Lab Accessories

  • Portable Radioiodine Hoods
  • Standalone Radioiodine Hoods
  • Replacement Charcoal Filters
  • Delrin & Lexan Combs
  • Beta-Gamma Radiation Bins & Shielding
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Getting Started

Simply supply the manufacture specifications and a picture of any stand-alone or table-top equipment. We efficiently fabricate machine guards and cabinets for all brands of liquid-handler machines and pipetting robots. We work with major manufacturers and biotech and pharmaceutical companies:

  • Major Manufacturers
  • Pipetting Robots
  • Liquid Handler Machines
  • Biotech & Pharmaceutical Companies

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Can’t find exactly what you’re searching for? We’ll help you build what you need. If you are looking for custom sizes, shapes, holes or products, just fill out the form, and one of our acrylic fabrication specialists will assess the project and contact you immediately.

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