Q: Edging - what are Saw Cut edges?

A: Saw cut edging (cheapest option) is for applications where the edging is not seen or not important. If
you are framing around a piece for instance, saw cut is fine. Additionally, If you have a laser-cut and are
using this piece to laser cut smaller pieces, then saw cut is perfect for you.

Q: Edging – what are Jointed Edges?

A: Jointed edges set the edges up for fabrication. This is perfect for when you are cementing/gluing
the edges. Set up for jointed edges increase custom sheet costs/processing by about 10%.

Q: Edging – What are Polished edges?

A: Polished edges are meant for pieces that will be on display, the edges are visible, and the
look/appearance is important. If you're displaying jewelry, printing onto the acrylic, or using simply as a
finished display piece. Polished edges should not be fabricated.

Q: Cementing: What is the best cement/glue to use on acrylic?

A: We use Weld-On #3 for our fabrications.

Q: Can I drill acrylic myself?

A: Yes, if you use a drill that is meant for acrylic. Do not try to use a wood drill from the hardware store, as this
could split your acrylic. These specialized drills are available for sale here at P&K.

Q: What’s the minimum quantity of acrylic sheets or other products that I can order?

A: We will make one or one thousand. We have no limitations on quantity - but there is a $25 minimum order amount..

Q: Do you offer local pickup or ship only?

A: We ship to you and offer pickup also. We are located in Hanover, MA. You’ll be able to select the pickup option
at checkout, and we’ll let you know when your order is ready for pickup.

Q: How can I cut acrylic myself?

A: Acrylic can be cut with a high-speed steel saw blade, router blades, or jig saw. Be very careful as acrylic is a
tough material to machine. Definitely wear proper eye protection and use the proper tools – acrylic pieces can
flake/split if not done properly. Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to cut the material to your

Q: I have a tub that has a crack in it. Can you help me?

A: Unfortunately, no. We do not repair plastic tubs.

Q: Do you have any Acrylic Scrap Pieces?

A: We sell scrap acrylic at our location in Hanover in different sizes, thickness and colors for $2.25 per pound. If
there’s something specific you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us.

Q: I need an acrylic protector for my wood table. Do you come out to measure?

A: Yes, we could if you are located within 30 miles of Hanover. There is a charge of $1.35 per mile as well as a $45
site charge.

Q: What’s the difference between acrylic and plexiglass?

A: None. Plexiglass is a brand name of acrylic. Lucite is also a brand name of acrylic.

Q: Does acrylic yellow in the sun?

A: No, this is a myth. There are other plastics such as PETG & Polycarbonate that do yellow but not acrylic.

Q: How can I clean my acrylic sheet?

A: Use soap and water or Novus (which we sell). Do not use chemical based cleaners.

Q: What is the benefit of acrylic over glass?

A: Acrylic is stronger, more impact resistant, lighter in weight, won’t shatter, is easier to fabricate, and can be
easily formed.